Faces of unknown origin

When I paint, draw etc. I google images to help me with the specifics. These can be a nose, an eye or something completely different. But even though I do this, I feel like it’s the same women. I don’t know where they came from but every time i draw I feel like i’m getting…


This is addressed to whomever might stumble upon my little site. If you, for any given reason, felt that my site was intriguing enough to come back, then i apologize for my absence. I am studying to become a teacher. More specifically, a teacher of math, English and social studies, with increased focus on learners…

The sketches

Lately I have focused on trying my hand with as many different expressions and artistic devices as possible. These are some of the pencil works I’ve been doing.  

Eyes in the woods.

This painting took an interesting turn into something quite surprising. I love the way it turned out and there is no doubt that I will venture down this road once more, at least.  

The Fairies

Lately I’ve been working with faces and expressions. These have a sort of fairy tale like look and feel to them which is why I’ve decided that they must be fairies.

The golden hour

Watercolour on 300 g paper. Still experimenting with restricting the paint in my watercolour paintings.


Det følgende er udviklet til engelskundervisningen. Planen er lavet med fokus på udtale og udtaleregler i mellemtrinnet. Pronunciation activities